M Bacal Group www.mbacal.com   understands that as a small business owner, you want your employee benefit plan to help you recruit, retain and engage quality employees but need to stay within your budget.

Your firm could be a candidate for a unique employee benefit platform we and our strategic partner PPI Benefits www.ppibenefits.ca  launched a few years ago specifically designed for companies your size.

It’s an innovative approach to employee benefits. It’s called Thrive 45 It’s new to Canada and provides better value – more for your money!

Who Is It For

  • Small business with less than 50 employees

 What Do We Guarantee

  • Premiums guaranteed to be less than you are currently paying
  • Lower pricing with integrity-not just a low quote with a big renewal!

How We Do It

  • We freeze your administrative expenses for up to three years
  • Insurance companies should not make more on your admin fees because your claims went up nor should brokers make more commission.

Better value with built in features and benefits

  • Workperks from PPI Benefits: Canada’s leading fully managed employee discount program at 1200 retailers in Canada
  • HR a la carte- $1250 of free Hr consulting packages
  • Cancer rider included with ADD
  • Dedicated customer care representative

Simple quotation process- We do not go to market!

 What makes the Thrive 45   platform so compelling is the simplicity of our quotation process. There is no obligation on your part. We don’t go to market, contact your insurance company or disturb the relationship with your broker. All we need is the following:

  • copy of your last renewal
  • copy of your employee booklet
  • last billing statement
  • We also need to know if anyone is currently on disability and if you have any pooled claims.


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