Her Story Is Her Family … And Family Is Her Business

Monette Malewski, FEA, is the President and CEO of M Bacal Group. She is an award winning strategic advisor in the insurance business.

But she is so much more…

Many of you know Monette Malewski through her numerous accomplishments and awards. The accolades are too many to list… both within in the philanthropic world and the business community. Monette is well known and respected. Her philanthropic world and business world seem to fluidly collide and continuously and passionately intertwine.

Her two worlds are intimately linked and constitute the undeniable foundation of her success. So how does this apply to the business woman and her business model?

The image that comes to mind is that of the intertwining double helix of DNA structure. That is what Monette’s DNA is …the continuous interwinding of all that makes a difference, and her ability to connect all of the dots to deliver a business solution that makes sense to the families’, entrepreneurs, and shareholders she works with and is specifically tailored to their organisations’ needs.

Those values and the passion that drive each and every one of her philanthropic activities are at the very heart of her business ethos.

I care about people and I love people… I give them piece of mind”… and Monette makes sure that piece of mind translates into a business solution that makes sense to the people she is working with, so that the entrepreneur can continue to thrive, within its own specificity and its own reality.

Monette is driven by strong values, values based in empathy, fairness, what is right, transparency and accountability. In all things, Monette’s cornerstone driver is the search for excellence.

Monette masters the different components of the insurance business. She also navigates with expertise and great ease all of the related financial issues that are part of the process. She reviews each family or entrepreneur’s business with clinical precision. This level of detail enables her to do three things:

  • Provide an in-depth analysis of the status quo;
  • Process the needs of the business, and
  • Deliver a business model that is fit-for-purpose;

in a format that is simple and accessible to those it is meant to support and protect. As her clients’ trusted advisor, Monette is always aware of bringing to the table the best experts to craft the best solutions.

A teacher by training Monette, understands that importance of clear communication for those who are unfamiliar with the insurance industry and its detailed requirements, but do understand they need to be properly protected to not only survive, but thrive.

Monette works with purpose, that of understanding the importance of the business that she works  with. She takes the time to gain insight into the beginnings and the story. But she also helps them look at the future with realistic lucidity, without losing any of the passion that originally fostered the creation of the enterprise.

Very much like the DNA helix, Monette builds the bridge between the family and entrepreneur story and the “hard money story”… with a diligent risk assessment process. No stone is left unturned, as each one builds the story, but can also result in a hurdle if not properly addressed and assessed. Sound mitigation in all cases needs to be understood, planned and then rolled-out. When you need to make impactful financial decisions, you need the clear picture that only in-depth analysis and understanding can deliver.

Intruding into a family or entrepreneur’s story also means invading their “business privacy” in many ways. Monette understands personal dynamics and focusses on working in full transparency of the members of the family. She works in total respect of all of the components, each of the members. She helps connect those dots that sometimes are less obvious or more “contiguous”, but nevertheless constitute important components to making enlightened and sustainable business decisions.

Monette may be in the insurance business but she does not sell insurance. Monette is in the business of protecting strong bottom lines and delivering sustainable long-term business solutions for enterprises. Her tools are her depth of knowledge and her business acumen. And when she lays her toolkit open, you will find passion, empathy, vision, understanding and survival. The love and passion of her business and its success is matched by the love of her client`s business and its success.”

As a closing note, Monette has just been honoured with the “Women Who Make a Difference” Award, which was remitted at the IWF World Leadership International Conference Gala, held in Toronto on Friday November 15th. In sincere admiration of this woman who has achieved so much, I salute her ability to build her own family business with her daughter Lianne and her brother Philip by her side,

flanked by two special young men, her grandsons. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts,  M Bacal Group truly is a family enterprise that makes a difference. They are strong DNA builders.

November 2019.