TODAY is the time. Not tomorrow.

TODAY is the time. Not tomorrow.

Philanthropy is defined as “love to mankind; benevolence toward the whole human family; universal good will; desire and readiness to do good to all men “

Many people, like yourself, have created wealth through their own ingenuity and efforts and have the greatest interest in integrating into their lives the things they are the most interested in.

An increasing number of wealth holders are no longer focusing exclusively on accumulating more wealth. They are beginning to look at using wealth as a tool to achieve higher purposes.

Giving has never given people so much

The past decade has witnessed significant changes in the tax rules governing charitable giving. The changes to these tax rules have in turn opened the door to new strategies for generosity that create benefits for those individuals who want to make a meaningful gift.

Strategies for generosity is about matching individual donors’ tax and estate planning with their philanthropic dreams. It refers to increasing the number of gifts through a systematic, focused and personalized program.

People become interested in these strategies for generosity when they believe that their gifts will impact the cause they believe in, they trust the organization’s leadership, and have assets to give.

Philanthropists are special people who want to make social capital investments in the most effective way possible. Their social capital investment decisions are consistent with their values and objectives.

Philanthropists need to be guided to make the right gift, at the right time, to the causes of their choice.

The highest use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money do more for the betterment of life.

Albert Einstein wrote in “My Credo” in 1932, “Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from feelings of isolation.”

Our goal is to make the invisible, visible so the world’s change makers, visionaries, conscious leaders, and philanthropists can come together and participate in purposeful communities of impact.

Act now and think about a transformational impact gift

Monette Malewski    Group M Bacal 514-769-4643


Her Story Is Her Family … And Family Is Her Business

Monette Malewski, FEA, is the President and CEO of M Bacal Group. She is an award winning strategic advisor in the insurance business.

But she is so much more…

Many of you know Monette Malewski through her numerous accomplishments and awards. The accolades are too many to list… both within in the philanthropic world and the business community. Monette is well known and respected. Her philanthropic world and business world seem to fluidly collide and continuously and passionately intertwine.

Her two worlds are intimately linked and constitute the undeniable foundation of her success. So how does this apply to the business woman and her business model?

The image that comes to mind is that of the intertwining double helix of DNA structure. That is what Monette’s DNA is …the continuous interwinding of all that makes a difference, and her ability to connect all of the dots to deliver a business solution that makes sense to the families’, entrepreneurs, and shareholders she works with and is specifically tailored to their organisations’ needs.

Those values and the passion that drive each and every one of her philanthropic activities are at the very heart of her business ethos.

I care about people and I love people… I give them piece of mind”… and Monette makes sure that piece of mind translates into a business solution that makes sense to the people she is working with, so that the entrepreneur can continue to thrive, within its own specificity and its own reality.

Monette is driven by strong values, values based in empathy, fairness, what is right, transparency and accountability. In all things, Monette’s cornerstone driver is the search for excellence.

Monette masters the different components of the insurance business. She also navigates with expertise and great ease all of the related financial issues that are part of the process. She reviews each family or entrepreneur’s business with clinical precision. This level of detail enables her to do three things:

  • Provide an in-depth analysis of the status quo;
  • Process the needs of the business, and
  • Deliver a business model that is fit-for-purpose;

in a format that is simple and accessible to those it is meant to support and protect. As her clients’ trusted advisor, Monette is always aware of bringing to the table the best experts to craft the best solutions.

A teacher by training Monette, understands that importance of clear communication for those who are unfamiliar with the insurance industry and its detailed requirements, but do understand they need to be properly protected to not only survive, but thrive.

Monette works with purpose, that of understanding the importance of the business that she works  with. She takes the time to gain insight into the beginnings and the story. But she also helps them look at the future with realistic lucidity, without losing any of the passion that originally fostered the creation of the enterprise.

Very much like the DNA helix, Monette builds the bridge between the family and entrepreneur story and the “hard money story”… with a diligent risk assessment process. No stone is left unturned, as each one builds the story, but can also result in a hurdle if not properly addressed and assessed. Sound mitigation in all cases needs to be understood, planned and then rolled-out. When you need to make impactful financial decisions, you need the clear picture that only in-depth analysis and understanding can deliver.

Intruding into a family or entrepreneur’s story also means invading their “business privacy” in many ways. Monette understands personal dynamics and focusses on working in full transparency of the members of the family. She works in total respect of all of the components, each of the members. She helps connect those dots that sometimes are less obvious or more “contiguous”, but nevertheless constitute important components to making enlightened and sustainable business decisions.

Monette may be in the insurance business but she does not sell insurance. Monette is in the business of protecting strong bottom lines and delivering sustainable long-term business solutions for enterprises. Her tools are her depth of knowledge and her business acumen. And when she lays her toolkit open, you will find passion, empathy, vision, understanding and survival. The love and passion of her business and its success is matched by the love of her client`s business and its success.”

As a closing note, Monette has just been honoured with the “Women Who Make a Difference” Award, which was remitted at the IWF World Leadership International Conference Gala, held in Toronto on Friday November 15th. In sincere admiration of this woman who has achieved so much, I salute her ability to build her own family business with her daughter Lianne and her brother Philip by her side,

flanked by two special young men, her grandsons. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts,  M Bacal Group truly is a family enterprise that makes a difference. They are strong DNA builders.

November 2019.


M Bacal Group   understands that as a small business owner, you want your employee benefit plan to help you recruit, retain and engage quality employees but need to stay within your budget.

Your firm could be a candidate for a unique employee benefit platform we and our strategic partner PPI Benefits  launched a few years ago specifically designed for companies your size.

It’s an innovative approach to employee benefits. It’s called Thrive 45 It’s new to Canada and provides better value – more for your money!

Who Is It For

  • Small business with less than 50 employees

 What Do We Guarantee

  • Premiums guaranteed to be less than you are currently paying
  • Lower pricing with integrity-not just a low quote with a big renewal!

How We Do It

  • We freeze your administrative expenses for up to three years
  • Insurance companies should not make more on your admin fees because your claims went up nor should brokers make more commission.

Better value with built in features and benefits

  • Workperks from PPI Benefits: Canada’s leading fully managed employee discount program at 1200 retailers in Canada
  • HR a la carte- $1250 of free Hr consulting packages
  • Cancer rider included with ADD
  • Dedicated customer care representative

Simple quotation process- We do not go to market!

 What makes the Thrive 45   platform so compelling is the simplicity of our quotation process. There is no obligation on your part. We don’t go to market, contact your insurance company or disturb the relationship with your broker. All we need is the following:

  • copy of your last renewal
  • copy of your employee booklet
  • last billing statement
  • We also need to know if anyone is currently on disability and if you have any pooled claims.


Let Us Protect Your Financial Future

Contact Us

Empower the Enterprising Strength of your Family

Empower the Enterprising Strength of your Family

Does your family run a business? If so, your family enterprise is one of more than 880,000¹ in Canada employing 6 million² people and accounting for a 60% contribution to Canada’s GDP³. As you can imagine, your family enterprise is critical to Canada’s economic and social well-being.

If your family runs a first, second, or even third generation enterprise, unlike other businesses you may face both head and heart issues which can affect planning and decision-making. You may need guidance on strategic succession plans, assistance with generational transitions, educational programs to assist you or other family members build their knowledge and skills, and support from family enterprise experts and peers. How do you handle all this when emotions and family history are a part of the relationship between family members within the business? Separating personal from business issues can be a difficult obstacle unless you equip yourself and your family members with the knowledge and skills to help address them, and strengthen both the family business and family relationships in tandem.

The Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX) is an organization that was created just for families like yours. It empowers enterprising families, and your professional advisors, with a unique blend of shared wisdom and experience and the world’s best, leading-edge thinking and knowledge so that your family and its business can succeed and flourish.

FEX can provide your family with the skills – through global best practices, tools and resources – to propel your enterprise to greatness and navigate your journey, in a trusted community of like-minded peers. This sponsor-free environment is your family’s safe harbour where you can share insights with an engaged and supportive community.

To learn more, visit and click Introduction to view a short video.

¹ CAFE estimate based on 80% of Employer Businesses in Statistics Canada, Business Register, December 2012
² Deloitte study “Are Canadian Family Businesses an Endangered Species”, 1999
³ PWC publication “Securing the Future: Family Business Survey 2014”


Par Andréanne Simard, Associée, Structure et Syndication, Desjardins Marché des capitaux et membre du comité développement professionnel

Le 19 janvier dernier, l’AFFQ a eu le plaisir d’accueillir Monette Malewski, présidente et chef de la direction de Groupe M Bacal, lors d’une activité de la série des Déjeuners-conférences de l’AFFQ en partenariat avec BMO. Importante société de courtage d’assurance spécialisée, le Groupe M Bacal est avant tout une entreprise familiale que Monette a su reprendre et faire croître suite au décès de son mari il y a près de 20 ans.

Très généreuse de son temps et du partage de ses expériences personnelles, Monette a su nous faire revivre les moments marquants de sa vie, de son enfance durant la Seconde guerre mondiale, à son arrivée au Canada comme réfugiée et à la reprise de l’entreprise familiale suite au décès soudain de son mari. Elle, qui s’avoue amoureuse de la vie, optimiste et travaillante, nous dit avoir réussi à surmonter tous ces obstacles grâce à une grande force : sa passion. Selon elle, le bonheur et la passion ne sont pas garants d’une vie sans tracas, mais sont plutôt catalyseurs d’opportunités et permettent de réagir rapidement aux défis qui parsèment notre chemin. Cette philosophie semble avoir porté fruit pour Monette, puisqu’elle a aujourd’hui propulsé le Groupe M Bacal à de nouveaux sommets, faisant d’elle l’une des femmes les plus influentes au Canada dans le domaine de l’assurance. À ce sujet, Monette a évoqué les besoins criants d’innovation requis dans ce domaine, dans une ère où les consommateurs exigent souplesse et personnalisation.

Finalement, elle a aussi soulevé l’importance de s’impliquer dans la communauté, allant même jusqu’à dire que la philanthropie est une obligation pour tous et chacun afin d’améliorer le monde.

Rappelons que Monette Malewski a reçu le Prix Inspiration-Andrée Corriveau de l’AFFQ en 2015.


Monette Malewski, winner of the Association of Québec Women in Finance Inspiration Andrée Coriveau Award

At the 10th edition of the Gala des Talentueuses, held by the Association of Québec Women in Finance (AFFQ), Monette Malewski, President of M Bacal Group, was honoured to receive the Association’s Inspiration Award.

Under the theme “Les Talentueuses en Avant!”, this annual event highlights the achievements of professional women in the finance sector. This year, Marie-lin Hamel, Associate at National Bank of Canada and winner of the 2011 Relève Award, and Jean-Philippe Décarie, business columnist with La Presse co-hosted the evening. Almost 600 people from the business community were on hand to celebrate the careers, skills and achievements of outstanding women who particularly distinguished themselves over the past year.

Monette Malewski, President of M Bacal Group, was named winner of the Inspiration Award in recognition of her professionalism and exceptional career, which have made her a source of inspiration for many women in business.

Ms. Malewski makes it her priority to develop a relationship of trust with her team and clients. “The success of a family business, more than any other type of organization, is dependent on the people who create and run it. Each of their decisions contributes to the realization of their dreams and the future of their business. They make our world a better place,” she emphasized in her acceptance speech.

A committed board member of a number of organizations, including Investissement Québec, and the International Women’s Forum in Washington where she represents Canada.

The President of M Bacal Group has no shortage of ambition. Her new area of focus? Sharing her experience and values with family businesses!



The success of a family business depends on the people who create and nourish it.

  • Each of the decisions of the first generation (the founder) has to take into consideration the family dynamics, the ambitions and the potential of each player.
  • Through each of their decisions they transmit their values to the future generation that will continue the family business.
  • Each of their decisions contribute to the realization of their dreams and future of their business, our cities and country. They make the world a better place.

Family enterprise forms the backbone of the Canadian economy, with families owning or controlling an estimated 75% of all businesses.

Their context is very unique. They face distinct business challenges and the interpersonal dynamics. The fundamental principles applied to most businesses simply do not address the unique issues that confront the modern business families.

There is a shortage of specially skilled advisors that can offer advice adapted to the specific needs of business families. The researchers at UBC’s Sauder School of Business pioneered a new field of study aimed at advisors working with entrepreneurial families.

Monette Malewski, President and Chief Executive Officer of M Bacal Group who advices business families, just completed her certification and is accredited as a FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR™(FEA) , the only designation that specializes in Family Enterprise Advising.

After having perfected her competences and enhancing her understanding of the unique issues facing business families, Monette in working with other professionals in navigating these challenges, can provide greater insight and guidance for multiple generations of entrepreneurial families.

Approach businesses

A new approach to employee benefits adapted for small businesses

  • Do you control your expenses by reducing benefits or do you pay more in premiums?
  • Do you go to the market for a one year saving?
  • Are your group benefits tax efficient?
  • How do you communicate to your employees that their salary increase has just been reduced by the increase in premiums?
  • How do you explain to the under thirty year old that they have to pay more even if they do not appreciate the value of the benefit plan?

In running a small to medium size business, you are not simply looking to put a group benefits or executive benefit plan in place, you want your program to help you recruit, retain and engage quality employees.

M Bacal Group talked to small business owners about their group insurance plans and understood a common thread. They are under constant pressure with their employees benefit plans due to rising drug costs and increased premiums.

Let our team help you enhance your benefit plan, increase the net income of your employees or offer executive coverage for your key employees while staying within your current budget.

M Bacal Group can offer a better overall plan at a lower cost with no surprises at your next renewal! We can freeze your expenses so you will not have to pay the carrier or your broker more money simply because your employees claimed more. Also, we can provide additional benefits and features at no extra cost.

With tax implications at the Federal and Provincial levels, it is important to minimize direct and indirect costs of an employee benefits plan. When was the last time you did a tax audit of your employee benefits plan?

Wellness in the workplace

Wellness in the workplace

Transforming the way employers measure and manage the health of their employees

Productivity at stake

Wellness initiatives like flu vaccinations, CPR training, and ergonomic assessments are a step in the right direction, but they are unlikely to have a meaningful, lasting and sustainable impact.  The incidence of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer and depression continue to rise, robbing organizations of productivity and causing medical costs to escalate. According to the World Health Organization these diseases are largely preventable through proper diet and physical exercise.

You can make a difference

Organizations that build a culture of wellness are reaping great rewards through enhanced productivity, employee engagement and benefit cost containment. According to the 2011 Buffet National Wellness study:

  • In a survey of 650 Canadian businesses, 97% agreed that employee health is directly related to corporate success
  • Towers Watson 2009/10 showed that organizations with highly effective programs report 11% higher revenue per employee.

In reality…a must have

A workplace wellness program should no longer be considered as “nice to have”.  Canada, with a highly skilled, highly trained, highly equipped work-force should be leveraging these assets to better compete with low paid, unskilled economies.

Organizations can and should commit to wellness by developing and following a strategic approach.

A great opportunity

M Bacal Group has partnered with a Canadian company, Foresight Health Incorporated. The objective is to create the healthiest nation by encouraging employees to adopt healthier behavior and encourage employers to facilitate this through the 4 M’s program: Measuring, Monitoring, Motivating and Monetizing.

The equation is obvious:

Healthier employees = less future medical expenses = greater productivity + greater profit

Implementation of the 4 M’s program

M Bacal Group will help you develop and execute a comprehensive wellness plan adapted to your context, including both proactive and reactive healthcare; preventing illness, or when illness strikes, reacting better and faster.

Start with our Health Risk Appraisal (HRA), a powerful tool based on years of research on lifestyle modifiable illnesses and potential risks that individuals may be exposed to through their environment.

  • Each employee answers an on- line questionnaire with various categories of questions including: heart health, physical activity, family medical history, personal health, male and female preventative health, medical history, nutrition and occupational health and safety.
  • Then, each employee receives a Personal Health Report identifying areas of concern of the individual making suggestions for lifestyle changes and clinical interventions.
  • The employer receives an aggregated Health Manager Report, roviding feedback and information on current health risks for the organization. Individual health data remains strictly confidential and unavailable to the employer.

M Bacal Group then provides you with advice on education and how to improve health and well-being in your organization, along with guidelines to target future wellness and physical fitness programs in answer to the most important health problems.

The implementation of the 4 M’s program is extremely simple with very little work required by the employer. The cost is designed to be affordable with little capital outlay and a very reasonable monthly investment.

For more information and a free demonstration please contact us at:

M Bacal Group

Email: / Phone 514 769 4643

Les prestations du vivant en quelques chiffres utiles

In this Video, Monette Malewski, President & CEO of M Bacal Group, was interviewed by Finance-Investissement on the subject of Living Benefits (The video is only available in French).

“Alors que les assureurs réduisent leurs garanties et augmentent leurs prix, l’accroissement de l’espérance de vie rend les prestations du vivant plus importantes que jamais. Voici comment Monette Malewski convainc ses clients en quelques chiffres.”