Harley Oberfeld

Oberfeld Snowcap and M Bacal Group have been associated with each other for several years. The strength of M Bacal’s team lies in their ability to think as managers of the companies that they are advising. They are not your typical broker or consultant trying to sell a product. They believe in implementing solutions that best suites their clients. They believe in long-term relationships and long-term solutions. If they don’t believe in the solution they will not implement it. Customer service and personalized service is also at the heart of their organization. Monette and her team are always available to assist whenever the need arise. Oberfeld Snowcap is proud to be associated with M Bacal Group.

Mary Slimmon

Philip Malewski took the time to get to know MKS’ company culture. He genuinely listened to the challenges MKS faces in the ever-changing global workplace. Philip offered solutions to meet our current international insurance needs. He has time and time again gone above and beyond to help MKS comply with international legislated insurance requirements. It was very clear early in the partnership that Philip would be a valuable resource to help MKS ensure our policies are effective. I look forward to working with Philip and M Bacal Group in the years to come.

Michael Flinker

Michael Flinker

Listen to Michael Flinker, CEO of FLS Transportation Services Ltd tell his compelling story about how he was able to have rapid access to health care, treatment and funding at a United States center of excellence and how his decision to buy triAcess™ through M Bacal Group impacted his life.