The success of a family business depends on the people who create and nourish it.

  • Each of the decisions of the first generation (the founder) has to take into consideration the family dynamics, the ambitions and the potential of each player.
  • Through each of their decisions they transmit their values to the future generation that will continue the family business.
  • Each of their decisions contribute to the realization of their dreams and future of their business, our cities and country. They make the world a better place.

Family enterprise forms the backbone of the Canadian economy, with families owning or controlling an estimated 75% of all businesses.

Their context is very unique. They face distinct business challenges and the interpersonal dynamics. The fundamental principles applied to most businesses simply do not address the unique issues that confront the modern business families.

There is a shortage of specially skilled advisors that can offer advice adapted to the specific needs of business families. The researchers at UBC’s Sauder School of Business pioneered a new field of study aimed at advisors working with entrepreneurial families.

Monette Malewski, President and Chief Executive Officer of M Bacal Group who advices business families, just completed her certification and is accredited as a FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR™(FEA) , the only designation that specializes in Family Enterprise Advising.

After having perfected her competences and enhancing her understanding of the unique issues facing business families, Monette in working with other professionals in navigating these challenges, can provide greater insight and guidance for multiple generations of entrepreneurial families.