Wellness in the workplace

Transforming the way employers measure and manage the health of their employees

Productivity at stake

Wellness initiatives like flu vaccinations, CPR training, and ergonomic assessments are a step in the right direction, but they are unlikely to have a meaningful, lasting and sustainable impact.  The incidence of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer and depression continue to rise, robbing organizations of productivity and causing medical costs to escalate. According to the World Health Organization these diseases are largely preventable through proper diet and physical exercise.

You can make a difference

Organizations that build a culture of wellness are reaping great rewards through enhanced productivity, employee engagement and benefit cost containment. According to the 2011 Buffet National Wellness study:

  • In a survey of 650 Canadian businesses, 97% agreed that employee health is directly related to corporate success
  • Towers Watson 2009/10 showed that organizations with highly effective programs report 11% higher revenue per employee.

In reality…a must have

A workplace wellness program should no longer be considered as “nice to have”.  Canada, with a highly skilled, highly trained, highly equipped work-force should be leveraging these assets to better compete with low paid, unskilled economies.

Organizations can and should commit to wellness by developing and following a strategic approach.

A great opportunity

M Bacal Group has partnered with a Canadian company, Foresight Health Incorporated. The objective is to create the healthiest nation by encouraging employees to adopt healthier behavior and encourage employers to facilitate this through the 4 M’s program: Measuring, Monitoring, Motivating and Monetizing.

The equation is obvious:

Healthier employees = less future medical expenses = greater productivity + greater profit

Implementation of the 4 M’s program

M Bacal Group will help you develop and execute a comprehensive wellness plan adapted to your context, including both proactive and reactive healthcare; preventing illness, or when illness strikes, reacting better and faster.

Start with our Health Risk Appraisal (HRA), a powerful tool based on years of research on lifestyle modifiable illnesses and potential risks that individuals may be exposed to through their environment.

  • Each employee answers an on- line questionnaire with various categories of questions including: heart health, physical activity, family medical history, personal health, male and female preventative health, medical history, nutrition and occupational health and safety.
  • Then, each employee receives a Personal Health Report identifying areas of concern of the individual making suggestions for lifestyle changes and clinical interventions.
  • The employer receives an aggregated Health Manager Report, roviding feedback and information on current health risks for the organization. Individual health data remains strictly confidential and unavailable to the employer.

M Bacal Group then provides you with advice on education and how to improve health and well-being in your organization, along with guidelines to target future wellness and physical fitness programs in answer to the most important health problems.

The implementation of the 4 M’s program is extremely simple with very little work required by the employer. The cost is designed to be affordable with little capital outlay and a very reasonable monthly investment.

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