Monette Malewski

Monette Malewski took the helm of M Bacal Group after the death of her husband 20 years ago, and steered it to new heights.

Today, Monette is recognized as one of the leading advisors in the insurance industry.  In 2014, she was named as one of the 50 most influential women in the business by the Insurance and Investment Journal.

Based in Montreal, M Bacal Group is a thriving family business that focuses on a personalized approach to providing SMBs, individuals, and family businesses with innovative solutions concerning estate and tax planning, legacies for family and community and living and group benefits. Monette offers her clients strategies and exclusive products to help them achieve their financial goals while protecting their assets against risk.

 Monette recently went back to school and is now proud to carry the “FEA” designation –Family Enterprise Advisor.

 Monette establishes a close relationship with her clients to ensure that their needs are constantly monitored and evaluated and that appropriate solutions are implemented.

Monette is President of Montreal Relève, a non-profit organization that works to prepare the next generation of Montreal business leaders, as well as the Board of Directors of Immigrant Investisseurs IQ. She also sits on the boards of Investissement Quebec, Anges Quebec Capital, the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University and the International Women’s Forum (IWF) International Board.

She has been honoured with many awards.  In recent years, she was named “Top de la Diversité “ by Médiamosiaque, received an honourary fellowship from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee and was named a Women of Action by the Israel Cancer Research Fund. In April 2015 Monette was awarded le Prix Inspiration- Andrée Corriveau by the Association des femmes en finance du Québec (AFFQ) and in September 2015 she was named one of 8 incontournable women in Finance. This past year she was profiled twice in the French review Finance et Investissement.