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Family Enterprise Advisor

How do you maintain clarity of vision and engage the family to keep it going? How did the conversation go when you talked about the transition of your family business?

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Family it is at the heart of everything we do and who we are.

It is where we get our values and sense of community.

It is why we work to build the future.

In Canada Family businesses represent more than half of the GDP and they employ a large number of the population.

The family business transitions, from one to multiple generations, and the complexity of a growing business cause strains in relationships.

Cultural norms are challenged, as the blending of collaborative forces create and reinforce old values with new.

We are a country developed from multiple cultures, but we share the values of family and community.

As FEA (Family Enterprise Advisors) we help you look inward to make the decisions you need today so that your dreams will remain tomorrow. Families build strong, resilient economic structures to protect the people and communities they love.

While every family business is unique, there are core questions that must be addressed, for the sake of their common future, they need to find a way to become coordinated, responsible, capable owners. The work generally begins with an assessment which provides a holistic perspective on the current state of the family business- what is going well, what needs to change, where the owners are aligned about the future, and where their views differ. We meet each family member and help the family create a path towards making key decisions.

As advisors, we are in a privileged position to support and enhance the intricate backbone of the family enterprise by ensuring that each of the issues needs to be attended to all the time, as business changes and as family changes.   If we attend to these issues both the business and the family will be protected and it will ensure a bigger future for both.

Purpose - What objectives do you want to accomplish by owning these assets together?

Strategy - How will you create the economic engine required to achieve your goals for your family and business?

Governance - What structures are essential to making difficult decisions while maintaining unity?

Leadership - How will you develop the people and the relationships that your family business will need?

Transition - What steps do you need to take to prepare for a future that is different from the present?

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