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Our Team

Monette Malewski FEA Groupe M Bacal Group

Monette Malewski


President & CEO 


Lianne Ulin, CHS,


VP Finance and Administration
Advisor in Life Insurance and Group Insurance Plans

Phillip Malewski Groupe M Bacal Group

Philip Malewski

B. Com

Advisor in Group Insurance Plans and Life Insurance


Jessica Côté-Léger

Executive Assistant


Oberfeld Snowcap and M Bacal Group have been associated with each other for several years. The strength of M Bacal’s team lies in their ability to think as managers of the companies that they are advising. They are not your typical broker or consultant trying to sell a product. They believe in implementing solutions that best suites their clients. They believe in long-term relationships and long-term solutions. If they don’t believe in the solution they will not implement it. Customer service and personalized service is also at the heart of their organization. Monette and her team are always available to assist whenever the need arise. Oberfeld Snowcap is proud to be associated with M Bacal Group.

Harley Oberfeld Chief Executive Officer and Mark Krakower Chief Operating Officer

She (Monette Malewski) is not trying to sell me a particular product. Rather, she seeks to know my needs and then find the product that will suit my personal situation. In short, it is tailor-made.
Even though it was my employer who offered me protection in the event of disability, she stood out by offering me coverage that would remain in effect even if I left my job, with level costs for life and including benefits were guaranteed for the duration of the contract.
She inspires me with confidence; I feel that my personal interest is his only concern. I am sure that if I had to make a claim with an insurer, she would be by my side to support me.

Francois Plamondon President and CEO Iscopia Software

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Michael Flinker 

Listen to the story of Liette Monat. She thanks the M Bacal Group for having built tailor-made solutions for her that gave her "peace of mind" when life played a trick on her (French)

Liette Monat, President of Liette Monat Business Strategies Inc.

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