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Monette Malewski, FEA

President and CEO 


Monette Malewski, FEA, is the President and CEO of M Bacal Group;

a thriving insurance family business. She is an award-winning strategic advisor in the insurance business.

Monette may be in the insurance business but she does not sell insurance. She is in the business of protecting strong bottom lines and delivering sustainable long-term business solutions for her clients. Her tools are her depth of knowledge and her business acumen.

Monette is known through her numerous accomplishments and awards both within the philanthropic world and the business community. Her philanthropic world and business world seem to fluidly collide and continuously be intertwined. Her two worlds are intimately linked and constitute the undeniable foundation of her success.

In 2019, Monette was honoured with the “ Women Who Make a Difference ” Award, which was remitted at the IWF World Leadership International Conference Gala.

As chair of the Board of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University she has the honour to sit on the university’s board. Monette is a founder of Genius 100™, an active and engaged community of 100 exceptionally imaginative and impactful human beings. It brings accomplished, compassionate minds together to re-imagine the future – and to implement creative initiatives to improve it.

So how does this apply to the business woman and her business model?

The image that comes to mind is that of the intertwining double helix of DNA structure. That is what Monette’s DNA is …the continuous interwinding of all that makes a difference, and her ability to connect all of the dots to deliver a business solution that makes sense to the families, entrepreneurs, and shareholders.

Monette makes sure that peace of mind translates into a business solution that makes sense to the people she is working with.

Monette is driven by strong values based in empathy, fairness, what is right, transparency and accountability. In all things, Monette’s cornerstone driver is the search for excellence.

Monette Malewski M Bacal MBacal

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow“ 

– Albert Einstein

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