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Lianne Ulin, CHS, FEA

VP Finance and Administration


Advisor in Life Insurance and Group Insurance Plans

Lianne Joined M Bacal Group in 1998 as she wanted to learn the family business.

Led by a few key mentors and a strong role model in Monette; over the past 21 years she has learned how to marry the client’s needs with the best in class innovative insurance solutions available.


Lianne has the knowledge and experience that will ensure the continuity of M Bacal’s principal values moving forward.

As the VP Finance and Administration, Lianne manages the office and our clients have come to rely on her as the go to person for all their customer service needs.

Lianne is constantly striving to expand her horizons through education and in 2008 she became a certified living benefits specialist (CHS) and in 2018 she received her FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) designation.

Mother of 2 young active boys, Lianne has been very involved in her community, especially in the Hockey association where she is vice president of operations and she is recognized by the community as a great asset.

Reliable and trustworthy Lianne is dedicated to her family and the family business.

Lianne Ulin M Bacal MBacal

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.

It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”

- Albert Einstein

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