Customizing your professional or personal insurance plan goes beyond simply “checking the boxes”. Knowing and understanding what innovative and unique solutions work best for you will reduce your exposure to risk and create interesting financial opportunities in the short and long term.

A New Way Of Approaching Insurance

Imagine a different way of looking at financial planning.  The M Bacal approach to planning  using insurance is predicated on the need to be more adaptable, accountable and empowering. It allows you to imagine how insurance can be used to provide financial sustainability in a whole new way. Imagine adapting this approach to your business, your family, your partners.

As a Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) we ask the right questions so you can decide whether and how to grow the family business, pass it on or sell all together.

Family, Ownership, Business

Our passion is driven by our desire to keep families and their enterprises strong. We advocate for business families to ensure they receive the best possible advice. We place our client's interest and welfare as our highest priority.

Whether for corporate or individual needs, M Bacal has one of Canada’s broadest range of Insurance products, offering creative, tailored solutions for every situation. Our expertise, proprietary tools, and in-depth knowledge of all your options allow us to provide a personalized, caring approach to insurance planning and the protection of human capital.