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LTD Opportunities


  • What are the blind spots in your LTD Group benefits plan?

  • How do you bridge the lack of adequate coverage and definitions in your LTD Group benefits plan when a life-event impacts your key executives?


The LTD marketplace has experienced higher claims especially in mental health. Two Canadian insurance companies to date, Manulife and Blue Cross, are getting out of the individual market.

This coupled with unstable pricing, lower maximums, and the ever-widening gap of the income replacement ratio between earnings and benefit levels has created a greater liability to both the employee and the employer.

A simple review of the company’s benefit package will help you as the employer determine what is right for your executives. A solid well thought out plan can solve the gap in coverage.

For more information and to speak to a consultant to review you plan and needs, please contact us at M Bacal Group.

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