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My Par Gift

A Life Insurance & Philanthropy GAME CHANGER

Attention all Charities, Foundations, Donors, Investment Advisors, and Tax and Legal Professionals

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Strategies for generosity

Many people have created wealth through their own ingenuity and efforts.

An increasing number of them are no longer focusing exclusively on accumulating more wealth. 

They are taking steps to create a lasting legacy for themselves and their families.

When making an impact gift, life insurance becomes a financial instrument that permits the donor to give much more capital for the same net cost of the gift.

Good news for those who want to help their charitable causes.

Canada Life launched the first ever Charitable life insurance policy into the marketplace.

It's only ONE premium - with tons of other benefits! The One Pay Policy (TOPP) is called "My Par Gift".

Learn how charitable donations can now be multiplied 5-20X, taxes can be saved on the one premium donation and charities can create an income flow throughout the life of the donor.

Watch this link to learn more.

New participating life insurance product designed to support charities is the first available in Canada


It gives clients the ability to choose a registered charity who will be both the owner and beneficiary of the policy.


This innovative product, called My Par Gift, addresses the needs of both a client who wants to support a charity and the chosen registered charity.

It provides clients with a simple, one-time payment option that is eligible for a donation tax receipt. The registered charity becomes the owner and beneficiary of the fully paid policy and all of its associated benefits.


We at M. Bacal Group are always looking for impactful ways to build stronger communities by helping our clients, while also supporting charities at a time when they need it most. This new product connects to these values, making it easier for clients to give back to the causes they care about. With no future payments or commitments, the one-time payment is all that’s needed to see the benefits of goodwill.


This is the first product available in the Canadian insurance market designed solely for charitable giving. It gives clients the opportunity to create a legacy, while giving charities complete control and flexibility over the policy.

“The social good this product will do for Canadian charities cannot be understated” says Ruth MacKenzie, President & CEO, Canadian Association of Gift Planners.


Life insurance has always been a powerful tool for Canadians to protect their families and now that impact can be extended to support their most-loved causes, while also taking advantage of Canada’s favourable tax, financial and estate planning system.

Starting now any Canadian looking to leave a legacy can take advantage of this exclusive new product by connecting with us at

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