What We Do

Ensure your financial security, through careful and professional insurance planning

 How We Do It

Through a unique holistic approach to insurance solutions

Who It’s For

Individuals, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, small-to-medium sized businesses, forward-thinking business families


About M Bacal

M Bacal does things differently. We believe that good insurance planning is not just about creating financial security for your business, your people or your family. It also means having an approach which is deliberately and thoughtfully tailored to meet and anticipate your specific needs, and be willing to grow and adapt as you do. We blend our deep knowledge of the trends and developments in the industry with our unique tools and a strong sense of caring: of being intimately connected to what makes sense for our customers, not just now but as their situations evolve.

Our Values

We work hard to earn your trust, and then will continue to demonstrate every day why we deserve it.
We are committed, passionate and steadfast, and will always support our clients’ needs.
We love what we do and believe we do some of the most meaningful and important work possible.

Who We Are

The unique M Bacal approach puts you and your needs first: a professional, reliable team that has earned the loyalty of many longstanding clients because of our honest, open and passionate commitment to positive partnerships.

What We Do

We ask the right questions. We take the time to get to know you. And we create the very best solutions to your particular needs.

What We Offer

We supply the right products and solutions to help you control your financial future, reducing risks, ensuring the future of your business and people and making sure that you have the plan that’s right for your needs.