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Gratitude and Generosity Changes Everything

The holidays tend to ignite the spirit of gratitude and generosity in all of us.

Gratitude has a value for many reasons, not the least of which is that it often leads to philanthropy, as well it should.

Sharing thanks is one of those rare values that has been held throughout time by cultures and faiths all around the globe.

Beyond just reflecting on what we are thankful for we often act because of this. We give and share so that our gratefulness can unlock the fulness of life. By sharing and giving our lives are made richer.

There is something so special about generous people that brings life, joy, empowerment, and freedom into the atmosphere.

When we live a life of generosity and focus on other people’s needs and desires, we take ourselves to a place of fulfilment that I believe we are all designed to experience.

I am a great believer that the only way we truly reach our full potential is to make sure while we head towards our dreams being fulfilled, we help others achieve theirs.

Doing this together as a family can go well beyond doing good in the world. Being generous and going across generations together in a co-ordinated endeavour has benefits that go well beyond gratitude and generosity.

Vision and purpose become keys to our philanthropic journey, a journey which takes us from more givers of money to impactful and purposeful philanthropists. We focus our strategies and leverage our efforts to make our philanthropic vision real and congruent with our family’s shared purpose.

It becomes purposeful philanthropy and is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used not only to create lasting positive change in our communities and in the world but also within our own families.

Families give because they are passionate and because they want to make a difference.

We at M Bacal Group understand that giving is an important part of a family’s life.

Let us help you realize your philanthropic goals by helping you create customized strategies for generosity, so that the family can make an impact on the causes you care about during your life and beyond.

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