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Her story is her family.. and family is her business

Monette Malewski, FEA, is the President and CEO of M Bacal Group. She is an award winning strategic advisor in the insurance business.

But she is so much more…

Monette strengths are using her depth of knowledge and business acumen to protect strong bottom lines and deliver sustainable long term business solutions for her clients.

She has passion, vision, empathy and understanding which enables her to propose unique solutions tailored to her client’s needs.

Monette is compassionate and transparent. She is well known and respected in both the philanthropic and business community and committed to both.

Her engagement in both these worlds contributes to the foundation of her success as business woman and community leader.

So how does this apply to the business woman and her business model?

The image that comes to mind is that of the intertwining double helix of DNA Monette’s DNA is …the continuous interwinding of all that makes a difference, and her ability to connect the individual dots to deliver a business solution that makes sense to the families’, entrepreneurs, and shareholders who are her clients. .She tailors solutions to their organisation’s needs.

I care about people and I love people… I give them piece of mind”…

For Monette this translates into a business and personal solution crafted for people she is working with so that the entrepreneur can continue to thrive.

Monette is driven by strong values, values based in empathy, fairness, what is right, transparency and accountability. In all things, Monette’s cornerstone driver is the search for excellence.

As her clients’ trusted advisor, Monette brings to the table the best experts to craft the best solutions.

A teacher by training Monette, understands that importance of clear communication which is critical for those who are unfamiliar with the insurance industry and its detailed requirements. .Her objective is to create a framework which allows her clients to thrive, not merely survive

Monette works with purpose, that of understanding the importance of the business that she works with. She takes the time to understand her client’s business and needs. She also helps them look at the future with realistic lucidity, without losing any of the passion that originally fostered the creation of the enterprise. Their story is important

Monette builds the bridge between the family and entrepreneur story and the “hard money story”… with a diligent risk assessment process, no stone is left unturned. As each one builds the story it can also result in a hurdle if not properly addressed and assessed. Sound mitigation in all cases needs to be understood, planned and then rolled-out. To make impactful financial decisions, you need the clear picture that only an in-depth analysis and understanding can deliver.

In sincere admiration of this woman who has achieved so much, I salute her ability to build her own family business with her daughter Lianne and her brother Philip by her side, flanked by two special young men, her grandsons. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts, M Bacal Group truly is a family enterprise that makes a difference. They are strong DNA builders.

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